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  • Important Apollo Info

    IMPORTANT APOLLO INFO REGARDING PERFORMANCES We are coming to the end of our time together. Ironically, I don't think we’ve ever actually all been in the same room together, but needless today I’ve grown to love all of you. I’m saddened to say that it seems the Ziegfeld performance is not going to happen, some things fell through, and between the Talent Show, our Show, and auditions for everything else, I’ve been too swamped to try and save it. Unfortunately the 16th and 17th were going to be some of the only days we were together to actually perform (we will have people missing during the talent show performance as well as our performance on the 10th). So we’ve come up with an alternative. We are going to have two filming days to film ALL of our numbers and on the 16th or 17th we will have a movie night/viewing party where we get to watch the finished videos! This is why I asked everyone's schedules for the week of August 1-5. We will only have those few days to do everything. And we have someone leaving for St. George at 1:30 on the 3rd. So here is my proposed schedule: (Songs with an asterisks must be completed by 1:30 on Wednesday because Bentley will be leaving) August 1: ***PICTURE DAY 4:00 (FINALLY) LOCATION TBD Rehearsal at Momentum 5-9 August 2: Call Time 11:45 *Film “Sobbin’ Women” 12-1:15 *Film “Welcome To Wonderland” 1:15-2:45 *Film “Pandemonium” 2:45-4:00 Snack Break 4:00-4:15 *Film “Play” 4:15-5:45 *Film “Sun is Gonna Shine” 5:45-7 August 3: Call Time 11:45 *Film “All For The Best” 12-1:30 Film “Wash That Man” 1:30-3 Snack Break 3-3:15 Film “Your Fault/Last Midnight”: 3:15-5:30 Film Requiem 5:30-7 August 4: Call Time 4:30 Film “Snoopy” 4:45-6 (If not filmed earlier) Rehearse 6-9 Hopefully we will have ample time to film, we are going to focus a lot less on different angles and changes and will hopefully just film the numbers 3 or 4 times and piece them together. My friend Ian Young who filmed the Seussical Promo videos will be helping us, and he is really good at what he does. I will be filming anything that doesn’t get filmed by Ian. He has to leave around 6 each night. So unless we get through songs faster than expected, I will be filming “Sun is Gonna Shine” and “Requiem”. I know this is a big change, but we really need to be flexible! We appreciated all the patience and hard work. This has been a crazy summer, but hopefully we have been accommodating and understanding, and are extremely grateful for the parents who have been the same. As stated above all the numbers with asterisks MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE 1:30 on Wednesday because Bentley is leaving on vacation. So there is not a lot of room to switch things around. I did note that one of the girls had a conflict from 9-1 on the August 2nd, so we will start with the Boys number. Pictures The color scheme for this Season is going to be blues, creams, whites, and greys. Blue is the main color, the other color are accents. This could mean a blue jacket, a blue shirt, blue pants, etc. It doesn’t mean that everything is grey, white, and you wear a blue bracelet, or have blue shoes. Speaking of shoes, please plan on wearing white/light- brown/grey/tan/or blue shoes. Sneakers are fine. As far as the outfit goes it should be business casual, so not something that’s too formal, but not something that you would wear on a normal day, unless you have lots of class… ha ha. There will be info about the talent show and next season of Apollo soon! Thanks again for your patience and understanding. But as a reminder we will be performing at the FAC Summer Nights Talent Show August 5th at 7PM Call Time 6, and our Performance is August 10 at 7PM call time 5PM. All of this will be updated in the calendar this weekend. Please help us with the Talent Show by selling at least 4 Tickets! Thanks, Colton Kraus

  • Masquerade Party

    We are so excited to be throwing a party for both the youth at the Ziegfeld Theatre as well as the youth at Brigham City Fine Arts Center. For the past year groups from both theatres have been able to see each other perform, but have not had a lot of time to mingle and get to know each other. Well... now's your chance! We need some parents to volunteer to drive as well!!! Please contact me if you would like to help in other ways. RSVP Here: We need a headcount by May 9! FOR: Youth Ages 11-18 (You do not have to be in Apollo to attend! This is for everyone!) WHERE: Ziegfeld Arts Academy: 2440 E 6600 S, Uintah, UT 84405 WHEN: Friday, May 20 at 6:00PM WHAT TO WEAR: Attire should be semi-formal, but feel free to dress however comfortable. Bring a Masquerade Mask that shows off your personality! There will be games, a photo booth, food, new people to meet, and lots of fun to be had. There are a bunch of masquerade masks at the Fine Arts I know that everyone can borrow, if not you could also order one online! Contacts: Colton Kraus (FAC) 435-279-6159 or Kristin Parry (Zig) 801-673-1180 or

  • Exciting Opportunity

    Hello everyone! First off, congrats on a fantastic run! We are extremely proud of you guys, and we have a fantastic opportunity! Gwen Andrus from Promontory School came to see our show twice this week. She was not only impressed with the performance and the acting but the raw emotion and message that was shared. Promontory School is inviting the Apollo Theater Company to perform I Don’t Want To Talk About It as part of an assembly about Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention. We are honored to be asked to share the message of this performance. The school administrators at Promontory are mindful of family, extra-curricular, and academic commitments. They would like your input on when you are willing to have us perform, whether that be during school hours or after school in the evening. I would prefer to do a performance on a Wednesday morning (late start) BEFORE school possibly also missing part of 1st hour. The show is about 45 minutes. I would like minimize the amount of school missed. However we can't do a night show because of Jack and the Giant as well as James and the Giant Peach, so during school is ideal schedule wise. We'll let everyone know more info when we know. Please let us know your thoughts asap. Have a great Spring Break. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you for your support.

  • Getting Down To The Wire

    Hello everyone! Just a quick update! This last month has been crazy for me, and crazy for many of you between soccer, Matilda, Golly Gee Whiz, James and the Giant Peach, school, dance competitions, and so many other things, we have all been EXTREMELY busy. Thank you to everyone hanging in there. First off I would like to give a huge shout-out to Mr. Noah Merkley for being an outstanding lead in Golly Gee Whiz. If you haven't seen him in it please go support him! GREAT JOB NOAH. Also thank you to Sydnee, Bruce, Alisha, and Madi, for taking care of you guys when I cannot. THey are all so great. Also below I have updated rehearsal dates, these dates have also been fixed on the online calendar. APOLLO CALENDAR 2022 Winter Season There is one added day, but the original TBD on Friday the 25th has been changed to NO REHEARSAL because I cannot be there and it's too close to showtime for me to miss a lot of the progress. I have also specified what days we will be rehearsing what show, as well as what days Nash or Seth will perform. Tuesday, March 15 @5:00-8:00 Mmmbeth Wednesday, March 16 @5:30-8:30 I Don’t Want To Talk About It Thursday, March 17 @5:30-8:30 Mmmbeth Saturday, March 19 @8:30-2:30 Mmmbeth Until Lunch, I Don’t Want To Talk About It After Lunch Costume Check at 8:30 AM Monday, March 21 @5:00-8:30 I Don’t Want To Talk About It Tuesday, March 22 @5:00-9:00 Full Run/Fix Things? There is a possibility of a reviewer coming this night. Wednesday, March 23 @5:00-9:00 Full Run/Fix Things? Saturday, March 26 @9:00-1:00 Full Run/Fix Things? Spamalot at the Zig DEPART AT 1:00 Monday, March 28 @5:00-9:00 Dress Rehearsal SETH PERFORMS as Kyle Tuesday, March 29 @5:00-9:00 Dress Rehearsal NASH PERFORMS as Kyle Wednesday, March 30 Opening Night NASH PERFORMS as Kyle Thursday, March 31 NASH PERFORMS as Kyle Friday, April 1 SETH PERFORMS as Kyle Saturday, April 2 Matinee SETH PERFORMS as Kyle Saturday, April 2 Closing Night NASH PERFORMS as Kyle Costume List Mmmbeth: Everything is provided except the following Black Tights: Caleb, Elliot, Serinna & Izzy White Tights: Katherine & Holden Black Long Sleeve Shirt: Nash Black Pants: Natalie and Nash I Don’t Want To Talk About It: Ensemble Cremes, Tans, Whites Baby Blues, Light Purple, Lavender (Purple and Blue are Suicide Prevention Colors) NO DARK BLUE JEANS Layered tops (T-Shirts with Jackets, Cardigans, Button Ups, etc.) A lot of the stuff you wore for pictures will work, not the greens and pinks, but the cremes and whites are perfect. We also have some stuff we want people to use. Gold Jewlery, I have purchased a lot of things, so if you have any please bring them, but I have made sure to purchase 1 or two items for everyone. (Hair clips, watches, necklaces, bracelets, pins, etc.) Tan/Light-colored shoes. Absolutely NO black, dark brown, navy blue, or grey. White tennis shoes are great, I know a few of the boys have light brown boots that would work. Kyle We are providing a jacket. Plain white t-shirt, long sleeve Creme, Tan, or White Pants White/Light Color shoes, Absolutely NO black, dark brown, navy blue, or grey. Hair and Makeup It’s crazy doing two COMPLETELY different shows because whatever we do in Mmmbeth has to be easy to dial down for I Don’t Want To Talk About It, hence the wigs for the witches and Queen Duncan. So we will just do simple stage makeup for everyone, EXCEPT KATHERINE. What this means for Makeup: Eyeliner for EVERYONE Brown eyeliner for people with a lighter complexion, black eyeliner for darker complexion Blush for EVERYONE I will bring some for anyone who needs it. Go easy on the blush. If you are playing a female role EXCLUDING TWIT (One of the witches), please wear mascara as well as a nude or light pink lipstick! Nails, no crazy colors. Please just keep them looking natural colors. Katherine, do mascara and eyeliner. We’ll do the rest. Hair If you wear a wig please be prepared to put it into a wig cap. Braids and bobby pins/hair clips will be your friends. It needs to be done in such a way that your hair can still look nice for I Don’t Want To Talk About It. Everyone else should be fine to style your hair the same way you would do it for pictures. Something nice and not distracting. Help is always available. Call Times These are subject to change, however, I would like everyone here 45 minutes prior to the doors opening. If you need help with hair/makeup be prepared to be here earlier. Call times for all evening shows are 5:45, doors open at 6:30. Call time for the matinee is 1:15. Again, this is subject to change. Snacks and Lunch I try my best to provide snacks for everyone. I understand that times are tough right now, and we are all doing our best to keep costs low, and the last thing I want is for rehearsals to be a burden to anyone, so if anyone would like to help refill my snack drawer that would be amazing, or volunteering to bring snacks to a rehearsal would be fantastic. But for right now, I don’t want anyone to worry about providing snacks, please have your student pack a lunch/snack and if someone brings extra then we will all be very grateful. The same will go for lunch on the 19th and 26th. Please have your Apollo Member bring their own lunch. However I would like 2-3 parent volunteers per rehearsal to bring dessert/drinks, let me know asap if you can help. Spamalot Here is the list of people I have that are coming to Spamalot after rehearsal on March 26th: Me, Sydnee, Holden, Heather B., Serinna, Cheryl S. Aidan M., Sabrina B., Alisha, Elliot, Timery R., Easton, Izzy, Katherine. This means we have 6 tickets left! Please let me know if you are wanting to come. Make sure to get me your permission slip! I will be handing them out on Tuesday, get them back ASAP. I believe I still need 1 more driver. Cast/Crew Spotlights Everyone needs to fill out this questionnaire if you haven’t yet! This will be used for social media and posted with your headshot. Lastly I love all of you, yes parents you too. This season of Apollo has been different for me because I have had so much on my plate, and I know I lack communication occasionally, so thank you for your patience, understanding, and support. Without you, the FAC would not be the same, and honestly, it’s to the point where these kids are one of the only things keeping me here. I am truly grateful for the influence each student has on my life, and I am thankful for the time I get to spend with them. Thank you for sharing your kids with us. Sorry that was an information overload. Please contact us with any questions you may have. Have a great weekend! Make sure to go see Golly Gee Whiz!

  • First Blogpost and We Are Halfway Through... Good Grief

    Dear Parents, we are having a really enjoyable season of Apollo and would like to thank parents for being so great! Both shows are coming along nicely and we are constantly impressed by the talent our little group has. Though they could work a little on their listening skills, overall we are having a successful time. A few things to note as we are about halfway through the season (It is good to have reminders.) Our show dates are March 30-April 1 The Wednesday-Saturday prior to Spring Break Pictures will be held February 21 PRESIDENTS DAY at 4:00! We will be meeting at the Fine Arts Center and then going to the big white wall on Main Street, unless we find somewhere else soon. Our color scheme was sent out over the Remind 101. 3. The Ziegfeld Theatre has Donated 20 Tickets to us to go see their Production of Spamalot Highschool Edition March 26 at 2:00. Last time for Footlight Frenzy as well as The Play That Goes Wrong, there were multiple people who gave a late notice about not coming to the show. This resulted in many tickets being wasted. Because of this, tickets for Spamalot will be first come first serve. Instead of having a ticket reserved for each Apollo member, Students will need to get their permission slip in to reserve their spot. (Students with Parents Driving have their spots automatically reserved.) Also, the tickets will not just be reserved for Apollo Members, any student may get permission to come along with us. 4. We are going to go see Shrek the Musical to support a former Apollo Member, Emmett Christensen. We are going March 5th at 7:30, we will be departing at 6:30 from the Fine Arts Center. Unfortunately, I do not think that we will be getting Free Tickets for this show, ticket prices are $9, unless we pretend that all the Apollo members are under 12 (I won’t tell if you don’t). To purchase tickets go to They are general admission (not assigned seating) so everyone is in charge of purchasing their own tickets. We can arrange for carpools. Please, let us know if you are coming by next Saturday February 26 so we can arrange a carpool list. Invite your friends!! 5. Because we have two more shows lined up we need more parent volunteers to drive! March 26th SPAMALOT HIGH SCHOOL EDITION @ The Ziegfeld Theatre 3934 E Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84403 Depart at 1:00 and Return at 5:00 March 5th at 7:30 SHREK THE MUSICAL @ The Old Barn Theatre 3605 Bigler Rd, Fielding, UT 84311 Depart at 6:30 and Return at 10:15 About Spamalot: Spamalot School Edition is a slightly reworked version of the original Broadway script. The School Edition has been carefully edited, with additional director’s notes throughout, to make the show more producible for high school groups. In some cases problematic language has been changed, while in others an alternate choice is offered at the discretion of the director. The School Edition has been field tested at numerous high schools under the supervision of a teacher/director with forty years’ experience in educational theatre. THIS IS NOT THE FULL VERSION. This is an edited version that has been "cleaned up" for younger audiences. Lovingly ripped off from the classic film comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this middle school adaptation of MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT retells the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The 2005 Broadway production won three Tony® Awards, including Best Musical, and was followed by two successful West End runs. The outrageous, uproarious, and gloriously entertaining story of King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake will delight casts and audiences as they search for the Holy Grail and “always look on the bright side of life.” If you need to do more research about the show, or have a conversation with me about it, please do.

  • End of the Season Blogpost

    Can’t wait to see everyone again soon. Here is some information that I should have given everyone long ago! The Talent show will be Saturday, December 18th, the cost per person is $10, however, you get 2 comp tickets each. If you perform a talent you will get a total of 3 comp tickets (3 free tickets). We should have a complete order by this Tuesday/Wednesday. Our original rehearsal schedule for this week has been modified. Instead of Wednesday-Friday, we will be doing Tuesday-Thursday. Tuesday, December 14: 6-8:30 Wednesday, December 15: 5-8:00 Thursday, December 16: 5-8:00 Friday, December 17: NO REHEARSAL Saturday, December 18: Call Time 4:00 Talent Show Starts at 6:30, Doors Open at 6:00 If you want to perform at the talent show please let me know by Tuesday night a rehearsal. There are prizes! Then following that we will have our Awards Ceremony and Cast Party on December 21st. We will be performing Jingle Bell Rock as well as Welcome To Our Talent Show. This is when we will be doing our Secret Santa Exchange. The Award Ceremony will be at 6:30, your call time will be 5:00. Doors will open at 6:15. The Awards Ceremony will be about 45 minutes. Here is the link to vote for awards. You may vote for three people in each category: During the cast party, please bring food/drink to share. I will be bringing a cake. We will play games as well as do our Christmas exchange. We will end at 9:30. Lastly, auditions for the next season of Apollo will be due December 23rd! All the information can be found online! You need to provide two monologues, one comedic and one dramatic, as well as answer your audition questions: 1. What does the word vulnerability mean to you as a performer? 2. How have you grown by being in Apollo? 3. What are ways we can show respect to our directors and fellow performers? If you don't audition again we understand, we hope you'll come back and audition again for a later season. All of you are very talented! We will welcome you back with open arms! It’s been a great season. I love you all. Thank you parents for being so patient and amazing to work with these past few months. Please text/call me with questions. -Colton

  • Important Things! (How Is This The First Blog Post of the Season? Wow, I Really Procrastinate.)

    Hello to my wonderful cast and parents! I would just like to start off by saying how much I love this group of students. Every rehearsal I am amazed by the talent that each one of these performers has. However, we have been disappointed with the lack of concentration. To put it in perspective, we have 14 rehearsals left to put on a stellar show, and only 8 of those will we have a full cast. (Due to people missing as well as split up rehearsals for the next two weeks.) My intention for saying this is not to scare anyone or to cause unnecessary stress, but to help everyone realize how much time we have and hopefully push people to memorize and rehearse at home. By the end of this week, each group should have the song for their group. Aliens and Witches should have their song MEMORIZED (Izzy and Johanna please contact me.) For Parents, Here Is A List Of Who Is What: Vampires: Jett, Katherine, Kat, Jessica Witches: Johanna, Sabrina, Izzy Mummies: Seth, Noah, Parker Aliens: Emmett, Nash, Lorenzoh Production Team: Alice, Emma, Caleb, Annie, Caden, Anastasia, Ethan Tech Monsters: Caden, Anastasia, Ethan (Part of the Production Team) This is what rehearsals will look like for the next two weeks (this can also be found on the calendar here): Monday, October 4th 7:15-9: Witches, Mummies: Choreo Production Team (Shroud, Juliette, Laurent, Sunshine, and Tech Monsters): Blocking Thursday, October 7th 6-9: Aliens, Vampires: Choreo Production Team (Shroud, Juliette, Laurent, Sunshine, and Tech Monsters): Blocking Saturday, October 9th 8:30-2: Everyone: Blocking/Choreo Review Monday, October 11th: No Rehearsal Because of Willy Wonka Tuesday, October 12th 6-9 Make-Up Artist Coming: Aliens, Mummies: Music/Choreo Review Production Team (Shroud, Juliette, Laurent, Sunshine, and Tech Monsters): Blocking Wednesday, October 13th 6-9 Make-Up Artist Coming: Witches, Vampires: Music/Choreo Review Tech Monsters: Blocking Then, for the remainder of rehearsals, EVERYONE IS CALLED. Please note that we had a tentative rehearsal on October 22nd, however this is now a Full Rehearsal. The directing team has also discussed the need to have one rehearsal over fall break. Though, I understand that some people have plans and trips, if possible I would like to have during the break, especially with the amount of people who will have missed rehearsals by then, or arrived late, this would be a necessary rehearsal. This is not a punishment, this is a tool to help you succeed. Please fill out this google form so we can decide which rehearsal time is best. Finally, we would like to have pictures on Tuesday, October 12 at 4:15. These pictures/headshots are for our Full Time Apollo Members Only. Color Scheme: Navy Blues, Forrest Greens, Blacks, Browns, Cremes, and Mustard Yellows. Dress warmly, we want layers!! No shorts! Skirts are fine. Nice Jackets, sweaters, cardigans, etc. We will discuss more about this later. A location will be decided closer to time, however, it will likely be in Mantua. (Regardless of location, we will need parent drivers.) Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. The best time to ask questions is IN PERSON 15 minutes before rehearsal OR right after rehearsal. All Full Time Apollo Members Must Be At Pictures. Thank You Everyone, Colton, Madi, and Sydnee

  • Calendar!

    Happy Sunday, and Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads who have helped raise such awesome kids! Rehearsal is at regular time tomorrow, and we will not be taking pictures yet. Here is a link to a calendar than can be edited please go through and put your name on the days you are missing I have already wen through and put some of the kids who have already told me they would be gone. Please check this today! I need to communicate to our photographer when we would like to do pictures! Remember to wear your pastel outfits tomorrow so Madi and I can check them off! I love all of you and I heard that you had a fantastic rehearsal on Saturday! I would like to give a few shoutouts! SHOUTOUT: First I would like to shout out Izzy Wilson and Ammon for playing lead roles in Peter and the Starcatcher but still putting in just as much work as everyone else when it comes to Apollo. They are amazing performers and I am so proud of them! And Ammon also came early to learn choreography the other day! SHOUTOUT: I would also like to shoutout Caleb Pratt for being willing to jump into Apollo and has really showed us what an outstanding and charismatic individual he is. Great job Caleb! Thanks everyone! I will post a link with our commercials from our retreat soon!

  • Swinging On Into Summer

    Who is ready for a Summer of Fun! I’m so glad that we get to start our second year of Apollo, and not during the height of a Pandemic! I think this will be a really great season of Apollo. Our directing team for Apollo is made up of 5 wonderful people, Me, Ivan Rojas-Fuentes (a returning director), Madi Taylor (a new director), and our two wonderful music directors Sam Bakker and Sadie Julander! We have been working together to figure out how to create the best experience for everyone involved! Please remember to respond to this Blog Post! Music We are still deciding on some of the music, and who will sing what, as soon as that information is up then I will let you know! However, you can see the song list with all of the tracks here: PLEASE PRACTICE. But be aware that some things may change! We will be printing out Lyrics for everyone, but we will NOT be printing sheet music. If you would like sheet music then please print it yourself, or use your phone. MOST SOLOS ARE ALREADY ASSIGNED PLEASE LOOK OVER THE LIST Phones Speaking of phones, we do not want to see phones at rehearsal UNLESS they are being used for rehearsal purposes ie: Tracks, Lyrics, Sheet Music, Rehearsal Videos. Obviously, there will be some exceptions, during breaks, during lunch, if we need you to text parents, etc. Other than that please keep in your pocket, or under a chair. Phones have been super distracting during past seasons and we would like to avoid that this season. Rehearsal Process Apollo would be the Fine Arts Centers Theatre 3, we have our Beginning Theatre Classes, and our Intermediate Theatre Classes, Apollo is our advanced theatre class. It's the fastest and most technical theatre class that the Fine Arts Center has. Rehearsals move very fast, and there will be a lot going on. On your audition form, we stated that you will need to rehearse at home as well. This is a necessary part of Apollo, no matter what season it is. We expect you to practice outside of rehearsal time. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, you MUST practice. Something that was fun last Summer season was to do a dual-language song in ASL (American Sign-Language) as well as English, this is a tradition that will be continued this Summer, we will be doing the song “I’m Free” from the musical Footloose and it will be performed with ASL and sung in English. This song will be one of the hardest to do and will require the most homework. I will be posting videos ASAP, however, we need to do some auditions for this song. Anyone who would like to be the soloist in this song must audition, we are trying to figure out which key to do it in and who can learn the sign language the best! BRANDON, ERIC, AND DANIEL must learn this and everyone else is welcome to learn it and audition, but it must be learned by June 10th. Please learn SOLO Part 1, which is in the folder! We will audition this solo during rehearsal. Performance Costumes Unlike our Summer Season in 2020, we will not be having frequent filming days, though we may film a little here and there, we will not have rehearsals dedicated to filming the numbers that we do. So, we will only have one costume! We are currently looking for performance wear for everyone, though some things may need to be purchased by you. We will have this information available by the retreat. Being Late/Missing Rehearsal Missing rehearsal for a valid reason is totally okay, we promised to be flexible and to communicate. That also means that the parents and Apollo Members must also be flexible and communicate as well, if you miss many rehearsals in a row, be prepared to be asked to stay a bit later, or come a bit early (at everyone's convenience) to make up rehearsal time so that you do not fall behind. If you are going to miss rehearsal for any reason please let us know in advance, EVEN if it is on your conflicts! if you are going to be late for any reason, let us know, even if it's only 5 minutes late. If you are not going to be in the theatre by the time rehearsal is supposed to start please shoot someone a text. Even if you think you're going to be late but you're not sure, it's better to let us know rather than be late and not let us know. Important Dates Here is a list of important dates/events that will happen this Summer: Saturday June 12th APOLLO RETREAT we will meet at 8:00 instead of 9:00 because of a conflict from another Apollo Member. If you can not make this day work please let us know NOW! The Apollo retreat is where we make goals, plans, get to know each other, and have lots of food! This is a super fun activity and will be held at the Fine Arts Center. Unless told otherwise. Saturday June 19th Afternoon Rehearsal This is our only Saturday afternoon rehearsal. Because we are working around Peter and the Starcatcher this will be our only Saturday rehearsal until the end of July, July 31st to be specific. Please eat before you come. If you are in Peter and Apollo, lunch will be provided! Monday June 21st PICTURE DAY We will be wearing Pastel Colors! (Tech Members will also need to wear a FAC shirt) Pictures will be at 3:30, more details about location will be coming soon, but we will probably need parent drivers as well. We have about 16 people total, 14 of which being students! Wednesday July 21st MORNING WEEKDAY REHEARSAL Other than most of our Saturday rehearsals, this is the only rehearsal that is in the morning! Ivan and I will be leaving on a trip to celebrate the closing of Peter and the Starcatcher but we wanted to make sure to get one more rehearsal in with you guys before the long weekend due to Pioneer Day! This rehearsal goes from 8:30 AM-12:30 PM! Tuesday August 17th FINAL PERFORMANCE @ 7:00 PM This is a change from the calendar due to a conflict with one of Apollo Members. That day will only be the Performance NOT the Awards Ceremony or Cast Party depending on how long our performance is. (This will be solidified by the end of July) This will be a performance with tickets being sold! $5 a person $15 dollars a family/group. Saturday August 21st will be our CAST PARTY and AWARDS CEREMONY if we don’t have it after the performance on the 17th. A time will be posted soon, but it will most likely be @ 6:30 PM We are also trying to plan a day to go see a show together and have a talkback (Q&A) with the cast/directors! This will be solidified soon and we will let everyone know as soon as it is! We will need parent drivers for this as well! Facebook Group We have a Facebook Group! I think everyone who has a Facebook is in the group, however, if not please let me know so that I can add you. I will not be posting much on the Facebook Group, the main platform that will be used will be Remind 101. Here is what was posted today on the Facebook Group: Hi everyone! Apollo starts next week! Hurray! We are going to have a fun summer! This Season I am again joined by Ivan, and we will be joined by a new director, Madi Taylor! A few notes before we get into all of our summer shenanigans: I will be mostly using Remind 101 to communicate, it's fast and easy, and will send a notification directly to your phone instead of having to search Facebook for an update. This will be to send last-minute reminders, rehearsal changes, and to let parents know if we ever go over time. I have already added some parents to the new Remind 101 Group Text please click this link if you are not on the Remind 101 Group yet: I will post all long updates (other than this one), with upcoming things on the Apollo Blog: I will attempt to copy and paste the blogs to the Facebook Page if necessary. These posts will mostly be directed to the Apollo Members, however, they will have important information for Parents as well. Facebook is where I would like parents to ask questions that pertain to everyone. Questions about the rehearsal schedule, food assignments, where to find specific informatin, or any clarifications that other parents may need so that the directors may answer the question and everyone can see it (to save everyone's time). I will be posting a blog post within the next few hours with a lot of information on it, this will be found at the link I have posted above ( Usually when a blog is posted I will also send out a Remind 101. So just to reiterate, Remind 101 will be where you will get the most updates, even if it's just where to find information so PLEASE SIGN UP. Lastly, when the directors post things we would love a response. Whether it's a text, a call, a like, a comment, etc. Something to let us know that we are being understood and heard communication is a two-way street, so please make sure to send some sort of response when we communicate with you, this is especially important with the blog posts and the Facebook posts. You do not really need to respond on Remind 101 unless we specifically ask for a response. Expectations Communication Remind 101: The code for the Remind 101 is @apollo21su, you may join by getting the Remind 101 app, or texting the code to the number “81010”. ALL PARENTS MUST JOIN It is also beneficial for the Apollo Members to join as well Colton’s Info Phone #: 435-279-6159 Email: Who should I talk to if I’m not understanding the information I receive? Parents clarify with your students, if the information still does not make sense please talk to me! Students, if things do not make sense, or you need help, please contact me or one of the other directors. Expectations Of The Apollo Members Goals Without Labor, Nothing Prospers. -Sophocles We're not just here to have fun, we're here to learn, improve, perform, AND have fun in the process. 3 P’s: Punctual, Prepared, Positive Respect is very important. Please recognize your directors are the ones in charge and have the final say. Masks MUST be worn at Rehearsals. Expectations Of The Apollo Parents There is a $30 fee, that may be Scholarshiped If Needed (For scholarship information please talk to Dave Kafton the FAC Executive Director) Checks may be made payable to the Brigham City Fine Arts Center Advertisement: Posters, Social Media, Word of Mouth, etc. Please help your Apollo Member arrive on time to Rehearsal. It’s easier to end rehearsal on time, when everyone arrives on time. To Conclude That was a lot of information to take in please re-read if you need to. This information is for parents as well as Apollo Members. Please make sure to respond so that I know all of the information was received! I would like all the Apollo Members to send me 3 different and specific pieces of information that they will take is away from this blog post. (Where to find music, what solo they are singing, how much the fee is, what our color scheme for pictures will etc.) If you have any questions feel free to ask! We will NOT be doing a parent meeting for Apollo. An update calendar will be provided soon. For now reference the calendar below and the important dates above.

  • Miracle Week

    Here we go! It's time to kick it into high gear! You guys are on the home strech of so many things! The end if the tri, the end of your various shows, the end of the rehearsal process for Door to Door! You guys can do it! I believe in you! Rehearsals Here are the list of rehearsals we have left and what we will be doin. Monday (Today) March 1st: 6:30-8:45 Scene Work Tuesday March 2nd: 6:00-9:00 Scene Work/ Run-Through Thursday March 4th: 6:00-9:00 Scene Work/Tech Saturday March 6th: 8:00am-12:30 Run-Through/Tech/Promo Pictures Monday March 8th: 6:00-9:00 Run Through Tuesday March 9th: (This rehearsal was originally TBD) 5:00-8:45 Full Run Through Wednesday March 10th: 6:30-8:45 Prep Night/Spa Night/Relaxition/Scene Work if needed. Then we perform!! Call Times Because costumes, makeup, and hair is very simple for this show, the call time will be 6:30, which is 1 hour prior to the start of the show and 30 minutes before doors open. However, due to this later call time, we expect everyone to be READY at 6:30, in costume, with hair and makeup. If this will not be the case call time will be made earlier. The call time for the matinee will be 1:00 instead of 1:30, so that we can warm up. Reminder we have 4 shows. March 11th, 12th, and 13th at 7:30 and a Matinee on the 13th at 2:30. Advertise Your Show You guys have created something outstanding, I'm proud of you guys, and can't wait to see how you continue to grow in the next week. But don't let it all go to waste! Bring people to your show, take picture, post pictures, hang posters, tell your teachers, your church leader, your friends, your cousins, EVERYONE! Posters will be handed out today at rehearsal but you can ask for more whenever! Awards Ceremony Remember, even though our show will be over, we still will have an awards ceremony the following Thursday (March 18th) this will also be our cast party. The call time for that will be 6:00, we will end at 9:00. We will also meet the Tuesday prior (March 16th) at 6:30-8:45 to review our goals we set and to talk about the ceremony. For those of you who actually read this whole thing, come up to me at rehearsal and make an animal noise for a special treat on Tuesday. I will send out a link to vote for awards soon! In Conclusion I love you guys, keep up the good work! For any questions please call/text me. Thanks guys, see you tonight. If you post any pictures you must say "Photos By Jennifer Hall at Hall of Dreams Photography" to give Jen credit! Thanks

  • Notes and Dates

    *This Blog Post Requires A Response, Read everything through* Hi everyone, as I am writing this I have realized I never sent out the parent letter. It will be attached to this, there will be a lot of information in this blogpost so make sure to read everything CAREFULLY. Thank you for being patient with me throughout this process, as hopefully, I have been with all of you. I am so proud of all of our members who are engaging in so many activities and other shows, and would NEVER want to discourage that. However, as a director, I do feel that we need a bit more time to prep for our show to have something worthwhile and presentable, so I needed to make a few changes to our rehearsal schedule to benefit our group. I have only added one rehearsal date that was not on the calendar, and I have changed the times of two of our Saturday rehearsals. (Not by much.) You can see those changes listed below. Important Dates (In addition to the dates on the Calendar) It originally says 12:30 on the Calendar, however, pictures will be at 11:30 or 12. So expect to be done at around 1:00. Not to mention we will be having our Valentine exchange as well. Feb 13. Picture Day and our first Saturday Rehearsal. Feb 20. No Rehearsal, McKenna Ward Dance Workshop. Registration is open now. Feb 24. ADDED REHEARSAL because of missed rehearsals due to HSM and TUCK EVERLASTING 6:45-8:45 (Start DOWNSTAIRS) Feb 25. No Rehearsal Feb 27. Early Saturday 8:00 instea d of 9:00 Due to other commitments from the cast. Here are the notes from Thursday. A RESPONSE IS REQUIRED Taylee: Pink Izzy: Mustard Yellow Damon: Green Hayley: Purple Brandon: Black Ammon: Orange Porter: Black General notes are also black (Sorry the website changed the colors and I don't want to go through and change all the color coding that Chersti did. Mr. Right: Taylee, look up!!!!! The floor doesn’t care what you’re saying. Talk into the phone like it’s a phone, not a walkie talkie “Lit-uh-miss”? Correct: Litmes Saying “hold on” every time you answer the door Good job on character Porter!!! Be paying attention!!!! Come to the door on time and know when you’re supposed to be there Don’t anticipate the door knocking. Start talking to your mom the moment you close the door, don’t wait Izzy, Drop your voice to sound like a guy. Make sure it’s clear your a douchebag. Opportunity: Damon central, am I right? Where is your puppet? Make sure to differentiate your voices Practice your lines to make them flow naturally. Don’t make weird pauses you wouldn’t make normally. Damon, we can’t understand the text message. Enunciate even though you’re doing a different voice. Hayley, line 26 page 5 Look at the puppet, not Damon Have some sort of reaction when you hear Opportunity scream. Good job using up the stage Damon, cut out the “girl”s if you’re not going to be able to say them authentically. Damon, excited “ah,” not a scared “ah” Damon, don’t stomp when you move on the stage. Especially when you are working with a puppet. We want to focus on the puppet, no the puppeteer. Brandon, keep your puppet looking at the action, even when you don’t have lines. Brandon, poke your puppet around the corner when you’re in the kitchen Hayley, find different ways of expressing anger than yelling or looking desperate. I’m Late: The hug is awkward… Ammon, remember to lead with the upstage foot. Sir, you were memorized so why was the script on the stage? Using the same mannerisms over and over again. Relax your shoulders! No more shrugging!! You may shrug three times in this entire show. ANd they cannot all be in this scene. Izzy, find different physical mannerisms to express discomfort and frustration. Hands are hard. Izzy, “Lyle” needs to sound different EVERY TIME! That’s the way you communicate with him. Make it mean something. MOVE WITH PURPOSE! Find meaningful movement. Slape Lyle with upstage hand Don’t let yourself get too goofy. Stay serious Make your beats longer and purposeful. Missed line 4 on page 12 Good inflection in your voice, Izzy!! Express almost annoyance when she’s reprimanding you about how far you’ve fallen since she died. * Go over blocking for this scene. More touching. Cut “adorabella” Though your part is small in that, make your character big. Trish 15: * Get blankets for bed Talk up when you’re on the phone. The floor doesn’t care what you’re saying. Good use of the bed Good pausing to let Makayla speak The shock when you hear someone’s at the door, run to get the door before your mom does. Monster in my Closet: Good scare, Porter. Show the after-effects of being scared. Too quick of a recovery. Look away from the monster when you’re lying to him. Good use of the puppet. Keep expressing with the puppet and get that into your other puppet too. “That is so lame.” Make it sound more mocking. CHEAT OUT Porter, allow yourself to “think” during the scene. We told you to look at the puppet and not Damon, not to stare at the puppet and nothing else. When you say, “Looking at you,” Look Porter up and own. Go on with “fear, excitement” until Porter stops you. Write your blocking down in your script and memorize it with your lines. Go behind the bed to tuck Porter in. Trish 25 and 31: Make the warnings in your vow sound like warnings, not a list. Work out blocking, memorize it with your lines. You say you didn’t mean to yell but you’re yelling all of your lines leading up to that. Make sure you’re trying to use the small, calming voice a mother would use, even when you’re frustrated. See Ya?: Sound more excited and less exacerbated and nervous or out of breath. Much more physical contact Why are you looking at the floor? It’s not listening to you. Watch your eyes, create emotion. You’re a blank board. Trish 49 and 64: Trying to stay lighthearted but still show heartbreak. Remember that you’re trying to keep people happy. You don’t want to be a burden. Good scene! Don’t say you miss Jordan in a nonchalant way. You really miss him and you’re letting yourself feel it. WHERE IS YOUR MEMORIZATION??!!?!?!?! Figure out how can end that 64 monologue in a natural way. Decisions Decisions: You sound like your trying to be an emcee when you’re doing your opening monologue. You sound bored the entire time, Izzy. Figure out how to be annoyed without being apathetic. Talk like a scared teenage boy who’s trying to be cool, not funny. Act with your puppet, Brandon, not your body. You may be wearing a mask but I can still tell your face is completely blank. General notes: Let the puppet cheat out, not you. Memorize blocking with lines, write it down and study it Cheat out Thank you again for being so patient with me, I apologize that if it seems that I have personally put Apollo on the backburner, I truly miss you guys and get very upset with myself when I am not able to be with you. Make sure that your parents read the parent note, I NEED A RESPONSE FROM BOTH YOU AND YOUR PARENT BEFORE MONDAY. PLEASE Remember to add that added rehearsal to your calendar.

  • Opening the Doors

    Wow! What a group! I am so excited to work with the 8 of you. It seems like you are all hard workers and can have a good laugh, perfect for a show like this. I hope you guys are all going to enjoy this show, I wasn't able to talk to you guys about it tonight but hopefully we can have a short discussion about it on Thursday. Here are the parts that were decided (please note that we did try to divide the number of lines equally, but some parts just had a lot more lines than others. There were some changes made.) The Life Trish-Haylee Mr. Right Alvin-Ammon Greg-Ben Adam-Brandon Tom-Damon Mel-Izzy Deb-Taylee Harry-Porter Opportunity Knocks Luck-Brandon Oppurtunity-Damon Mindy-Haylee Pizza Guy-Porter I'm Late Lyle-Ammon Amy-Izzy Adoorabella-Taylee There's A Monster In My Closet Dad-Ben Monster-Damon Kelsy(Kendall)-Porter Mom-Taylee The Closet Dad-Ammon Son-Ben See Ya? Son-Porter Mom-Taylee Decisions, Decisions ID-Brandon Jeff-Damon Brain-Izzy Taylee-Tami Please be sure to contact me if you have questions or concerns. See you on Thursday! We will be working on Characterization! -Your Director, Colton

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