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I have been teaching puppet and theatre classes for four years and have taught ages 5-18. It has been an amazing opportunity to be able to wake up in the morning and know I'll get to have a fun and adventurous day of learning and teaching.

In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.
― Phil Collins


Intermediate Theatre Classes

When I first was able to oversee the teaching of the theatre classes instead of just be a teaching assistant, I brought something new in with me. Because of my love for music and dance, I decided to put the kids to work and have them do musicals. Now I'm not going to lie and say "Oh, I'm some miracle teacher who can put a show together in a week" however we did put the shows together in one week but it was no miracle. Every kid that I have taught has had great work ethics and fun personalities. And without them being willing to try my crazy ideas, it would not have been possible to accomplish anything that we did while I taught them. I write all the shows that these classes perform and come up with the choreography. And along the way, I teach them about auditions and different types of theatre. My favorite class was July of 2018. I taught with my friend Cru Andreasen. This was a 3-day theatre class. 15 hours in total. We taught 17 students. Each student was given a monologue that needed to be memorized by the day of the performance, and they were put into groups of two(with one group of three) to put together original pantomimes to instrumentals of my favorite show tunes. And we also choreographed 4 musical numbers. 2 group ones, then one for the boys and one for the girls. Everyone worked extremely hard and it paid off in the end. The theme was the Tony Awards, but we kind of parodied that and did the "Phoney Tony Awards", that's why everyone is dressed up with boutineers and corsages. It was amazing to see what these kids could do!  

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