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Show Design Class

It’s time to get your right brain working again this Summer. This theatre class will help you gain the tools you need in order to be an asset to any creative team. From crazy costumes to fun choreography, this class will help you maneuver through it all and help you design a stellar and memorable show. This class includes 5 units: Set Design, Prop Design, Costume Design, Advertising, and Choreography. In the final weeks of this class, students will be able to present ideas and designs for specific shows in order to show what they have learned throughout the course.

Grades 8th-12th

Empty Theater
Dressing Room

intermediate Theatre Class

Want to improve as an actor? This fun, online theatre class will give you all the tips and tricks you need to improve your acting skills, have great auditions and be memorable on and off the stage. This class includes 4 different Units: Broadening Your Horizons: Don’t Be A One Trick Pony, Losing Yourself in the Art: The Key to Characterization, Having Memorable Auditions: How To Make Directors Do A Double Take, and Being Prepared: Have A Successful (Show) Run.

Grades 6th-11th

Apollo Theatre COmpany

Apollo Theatre Company is starting up despite the historical situation happening in the world. Due to Covid-19 and the consequential guidelines and restrictions, the Apollo Theatre Company will be the stars of the Brigham City Fine Arts Center in the effort to show the community we are still here, and we are still Empowering lives through the Arts. Two small groups of teens will have the opportunity to take part in Bi-Weekly filmings of songs, dances, and various other performances that will be shared by the Fine Arts Center(FAC). They will also have a filmed final project.

Grades 8th-11th

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